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Unlike any other subscription box! Enjoy 4 - 6 unique surprise gifts, hand picked for bad ass moms (B.A.M.'s). A variety of Jewelry, Beauty, Lifestyle & Home items delivered to your doorstep just for mom and full of *BADASSERY every month! 

*Yes that's a word, we didn't make it up. 

If you know what it means, you're bad ass!

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​​​​​​​who is the bad ass mom?

Hi. I'm Shawna, the founder of The Bad Ass Mom Box. I am a mama to 4 boys (including a set of twins) who keep me very busy with their shenanigans. I have successfully started and founded multiple businesses over my short lifetime. But being a mom is what I do best. I am an awesome mom! I raise responsible little humans (and big ones too - my oldest is a high school senior). We eat cake for breakfast, I call them my minions, and they are my best friends. Meanwhile, I try to never forget who I truly am - like me, before I became a mom. Currently, I never have my shit together at school pick and drop off and I wonder if the moms who do are really just a closet hot mess. I can be offensive if you don't get me and the only time I am not sarcastic is probably when I'm sleeping. I started B.A.M. wanting to recognize those moms like me, who perhaps have had a hard time finding their mom circle or maybe still haven't quite found them yet. Your tribe is out there and when you find them you will give the "stepford wives"something to talk about! 

My goal is to create an amazing customer experience delivered with each and every box. It's important to me that every single mom receiving a box feels special and that they are excited to open presents every month! I really want this to be about the moms! Just a little something guilt-free that makes you smile, keeps you happy and makes you feel bad ass! After all, I also know what it's like to be a bad ass mom. I have 8 younger sisters and I often have them in mind when shopping for the box, because each of them are bad ass too! 

I hand pick awesome gifts each month to 

celebrate other moms who are proud, loud and BAD ASS.

I ain't no damsel but I may cause distress! 

The Bad Ass Mom, Bad Ass Mom Box 


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